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    Application for individual and corporate analyses  
    A unique, highly responsive environment that thinks for you  
    Storytelling – an up-to-date access to information for everyone  
    Optimised for mobile devices  
    You can build on existing QlikView data models  

Qlik Sense is suitable for anyone who wants to analyse their data by themselves in an intuitive environment. Drawing up and adjustments of models work on the drag-and-drop principle and you are offered respective options by the application itself. That means no IT proficiency is needed on your part, and you do not have to learn a new system. Qlik Sense is one more step closer to the user, as it can be used virtually by everyone.

QlikView already has helped more than 30,000 clients worldwide

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QlikView is in use by dozens of renowned companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

QlikView with EMARK support uses several organizational units, including BI, Controlling , Product Management , CRM , Risk Management and Accounting . One of the main objectives is to increase the " self-service " reporting and give end users access to more options .

Are you ready to start up your intuition?

Imagine your firm with everyone able to answer their questions themselves in few clicks. Anyone regardless of how minimal their technical skills are can view and organize in one place any relevant information they are after. And without having to compile analyses for hours on end, or having to read sprawling charts someone regularly sends them by mail. Everyone capable of working with Excel can now enjoy the speed and extensive functionality that Qlik Sense brings – also when using a notebook, tablet or smartphone, and for large amounts of data, with fast response in seconds.


Qlik Sense is suitable for everyone. What makes it so unique?

  • A unique, responsive drag-and-drop environment that thinks for you. By a click, the user creates or adjusts various data visualizations, with the system itself each time offering new options. Compiling an analysis then takes no more than a few seconds and does not require any initial training.
  • People like stories, they work and share together. Now everyone can use their own easily legible story (storytelling). No need any more to constantly copy analysis outputs into PowerPoint or Excel. And for any questions that may turn up, you can click your way through to answer right away while still in Qlik Sense and quickly share the answer.
  • Analyses that are truly mobile. Get answers also when outside your workplace – to your tablet or smartphone. The application itself adapts to the device used for controllability, legibility and comprehensibility..
  • Simply drag in a new data source and you have it connected without scripting. So you can draw on the strengths of an associative model, are able to integrate several data sources without the need for a data warehouse or OLAP cubes and you get your answers within seconds.
  • Anything you create can later be used by you or anyone else. In that way you can make sure there is one version of truth for every parameter. Using the option to add your own views, you can create and analyse anything and anyhow you like. No restrictions.

Reports and analyses as a controlled process




Qlik Sense interconnects the two worlds of business and IT. For business users, it brings independence and quick answers to their questions. IT has absolute control over the process.

Users need maximum freedom in analyses and in looking for answers to their questions without having to wait for IT or controlling to process and make the data available to them. But the data also have to be safe, consistent and reliable – Qlik Sense entails robust data governance that makes it a perfect tool for the purpose.

This includes functionalities such as:

  • A shared object library: In Qlik Sense you can predefine calculations and visualisations so as to be used consistently and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Progressive user access: User access to individual functionalities can be unlocked gradually as their skills gradually improve and their needs expand.
  • Managed data connections: All applications use access to defined data sources as dictated by safety principles without the need of programming database connections. Various data sources can be accessed including Big Data sources.
  • Collaborative design, drag and drop and responsive environment all make designing appealing visualizations lightning fast.
  • Option to embed Qlik Sense into webpages and own applications via API, and to extend the analytical capabilities of your applications according to individual needs.y

Architecture fit for implementations in enterprise environments

Qlik Sense accounts for the needs of large enterprises by offering a sophisticated central administration, security and scalability:

Qlik Sense Dektop Data Sheet Qlik Sense Desktop Free Download 

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