Make creation and distribution of reports easier with QlikView NPrinting
    Prepare for meetings with one click  
    Eliminate laborious manual work in compiling and distributing reports  
    Enjoy access to information for everyone – without any additional cost per recipient  
    Formats you are used to – MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, pdf, html, jpg, e-mail and automatic sending thereof to distribution lists.   
    Appreciate your QlikView solution and get the best of "both worlds"  

QlikView NPrinting used to streamline the creation and distribution of reports for over 30 % of our QlikView customers.



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Preparing for meetings with one click
Save time previously spent compiling board reports or preparing regular meetings in excel, powerpoint or pdf. On time before a meeting, all the interested parties can automatically receive all the references needed in a format they are used to – be it MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word or pdf.
Automatic sending of regular reports
Increase pressure for compliance with business plans, reduce costs or better inform your partners or shareholders about your results. Now you do not have to wait every month for controlling outputs to enter them into MS Word and compile a commentary. Now you can get a ready, pre-compiled report. Get every day to your mailbox exactly the information you need.
Efficient distribution of information from QlikView
Distribute information from QlikView more efficiently through e-mail or via corporate portal without the need to buy additional QlikView licences for each user.
On-demand reporting for a large number of users
Set on-demand access to QlikView data for a large number of users
A combination of Data Discovery and report-centric approach
Use the power of modern BI to your advantage and ensure at the same time response to report-centric requests of your staff. Get the best of both worlds.

The possibilities of NPrinting

QlikView NPrinting is the most widely used tool for compiling and distributing QlikView reports. It allows fast creation of and adjustments to reports, their customization based on defined filters for individual users and distribution through e-mail, as files or by sending to print. This allows to increase pressure for compliance with objectives and ensures better use of data for decision making purposes.. 

QlikView NPrinting allows to quickly design and create scalable reports from QlikView data in the most frequently used formats using drag and drop. The intuitive user interface facilitates full-fledged work after few hours of training. Drawing up comprehensive corporate reports including automatic distribution thereof takes no more than several days. 

Each user gets the right information by e-mail to their mailbox or personal file using individual filters at required times. Report encryption for better protection and security of data and of on-demand reporting options are self-explanatory.

With QlikView NPrinting, you can use any data and QlikView reports for creating output in PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, HTML or graphic formats to distribute and share important information. Notify users through regular distribution of reports of current status and ensure better use of QlikView for supplementary analyses. Simply expand the number of users of QlikView reports and analyses to the entire organisation.

QlikView NPrinting Data Sheet 

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