Improve your planning with K4 Analytics - Qlik extension
    Improve your planning  
      financial, business and marketing planning , production planning , logistics , service , quality , projects , capacity building, human resources , strategic planning and KPIs  
    Save time and increase efficiency of your plans  
      save time, evaluate your plans immediately after they were entered, scroll to the amount of laborious and opaque Excel workbooks, increase the acceptance of plans and your ability to act in the event of failure, skip the manual consolidation entries and plans  
    Expand your Qlik on advanced planning functionality  
      preparation of plans, forecasts, budgets, plans disintegration top-down, bottom-up consolidation plans, plans for entering multiple users, cascading plans versions and scenarios, specifications and approval workflow, smart data entry (spread , smart paste ... ), scheduling and calendars many other  

Our clients 

KliqPlan and QlikView from EMARK as a tool for financial planning - planning level statements, P&L, costs, revenues, balance sheet, employees, payroll ...
AM KliqPlan and QlikView from EMARK as a tool for planning, P & L, costs, revenues and performance. The planning process over dozens of offices.

International references 

Save time and increase the efficiency of your plans with K4 Analytics:

K4 Analytics is a Qlik extension that allows you to enter any plans to update the forecasts and instantly watch their comparison with reality. Can degrade him hand editing, sending and consolidation of different Excel workbooks, tracing input. Significantly improve communication with interested people and increase your capacity for action in solving initiatives .

K4 Analytics help shorten planning time from days to minutes and increase the effectiveness of the plans. And all this with the simplicity and power of Qlik solutions. Identify the cause of the exceedance plans, discover new initiative, use the options available online collaboration within the Social Business Discovery, and many other benefits. Moreover, it is not a "boxed" or predefined tool, but a flexible platform that adapts to you in all your requirements. It offers complete freedom from the desktop by allowing dynamic, interactive data analysis when their users need and where they need it.

KliqPlan brings you value

Overview of the main areas of application :
  • Financial planning (budgeting, cash flow, P&L, balance sheet, costing)
  • Business and marketing planning (TARGET sales and forecasts, performance merchants, stores and sales channels , campaigns, products, segments, customers)
  • Production planning, logistics, operations (capacity utilization, analysis of bottlenecks, optimize inventory with respect to customer requirements and delivery schedules)
  • Human resources planning - capacity, cost , needs
  • Strategic planning and KPIs - cascading objectives, the consolidation of the lower levels of the above modifications to the plans focus on key KPIs
  • Quality planning - rejects, duration of response, claims, customer service
  • A number of other areas

K4 Analytics is enable to:


More information: 

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