Download QlikView and start analysing within seconds!

    Do your analyses with a few clicks and have the results at hand right away  
    Without data warehouses, OLAP cubes or months of preparations  
    Without waiting or being dependent on others  

Work with the best there is. QlikView is innovative and a recognised leader by Gartner in the field of Data Discovery as the key evolutionary trend in Business Intelligence. QlikView helps save time in analysing, consolidate data from different sources, get answers to any questions anywhere and anytime, and so helps people better reach their goals.

QlikView already has helped more than 30,000 clients worldwide

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QlikView is in use by dozens of renowned companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

QlikView with EMARK support uses several organizational units, including BI, Controlling , Product Management , CRM , Risk Management and Accounting . One of the main objectives is to increase the " self-service " reporting and give end users access to more options .

QlikView Personal Edition and server free download

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